telling your story

When you see a collection of photographs a few thoughts run though your mind, either "the photos speak for themselves" or "there is a story to be told". I find myself gathering my thoughts of what to say in my next post, when I shut off my brain and the world is silent. The next post can be as simple as wishing you all a wonderful weekend or announcing my next mini sessions. I have grown to realize, these photos mean more than just advertising for me. They are treasures to you. During every session, there are so many in between moments, that are not talked about. Often I'll capture them on video and get that perfect shot to keep, and other times it's something said rather than an action. The time you spend with me in front of the camera is "trust". Your trusting me to capture every detail and every moment. When your photos don't "speak" to your audience, it's important to me that your story is told.

Here will be my safe space to journal each session I feel has that story to be told!

Happy reading!

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