From Flutters to milestones


They say ‘the days are long but the years are short’ – as a parent, you often find yourself marvelling at how quickly time flies, especially during the early stages of your little love’s life. From pregnancy to the first few months of a newborn’s life, followed by their first major milestones, each moment is precious and worthy of being beautifully preserved.

Pregnancy is such a special time (even if you don’t enjoy every minute of it!) and you will be so pleased to look back on photos and marvel at the incredible work your body did.

Your maternity photo session is an opportunity to capture the glow of expectation and the profound bond between you as parents and your baby, even before baby arrives. I focus on natural settings and expressions, emphasising your beauty and strength and we will of course include your partner and any older siblings as well. I generally recommend taking photos between 28-35 weeks, but there is no right or wrong answer here.


  • 1 hour of photo taking
  • 1 outfit change & access to my client dresses
  • 20 high resolution images in a personalized online gallery with download and printing rights

After your “bump shoot”, we will hold a tentative date for your newborn photos, typically within the first 3 weeks as these are extra special. However, we can also wait a little longer to give you more time to settle in as a family. I will work with you to find a date that suits your family best.

The newborn stage is a fleeting time of pure innocence, full of tender moments that melt hearts. My in-home newborn photo session is designed to capture these precious moments in the comfort of your own home. I aim to photograph your little one in their most natural state — sleeping, yawning, or simply looking around with curiosity, safely tucked into your arms and enjoying some snuggles.


  • 1.5 hours of photo taking in the comfort of your own home.
  • Inclusion of all family members
  • 30 high resolution images in a personalized online gallery with download and printing rights
  • 1 small video clip created of the moment
  • 1 family keepsake USB to treasure

Beyond your pregnancy and the newborn phase, there are lots of other beautiful moments in the first year of your baby’s life. As your baby grows and starts to interact with the world, they achieve a series of firsts — first smile, first crawl, or first steps. Enter the First Year Membership. These milestone photo sessions aim to document these unique moments that form an important part of your baby’s developmental journey.

My first year membership bundle includes up to three sessions over the course of a 14 month period (again there’s some flexibility!), perfect for documenting your journey from your pregnancy to baby’s first birthday. It’s entirely up to you when you would like those sessions to take place, and I’m happy to make suggestions. 


  • 1 hour of photo taking in an outdoor setting
  • Assistance in creating a theme to celebrate
  • 1 small video clip created of the moment
  • 10 high resolution images in a personalized online gallery with download and printing rights.

Maternity to Milestones

Investing in multiple session bundles offers you more than just a collection of photographs. It provides a tangible timeline of the beautiful journey your family undertakes during one of the most transformative periods of your lives.




-Maternity session

-In-home newborn session

-Milestones session

-1 family keepsake USB

-$50 credit towards a printed album at my online store